Songs are made of melodies and lyrics. Through the lyrics we understand the artist’s message. Thanks to digital music distribution, we are able to enjoy an abundance of music at our own convenience. At the same time, we have lost an appreciation for lyrics. The lyrics more so than the melody, is what makes the music inspirational. We want to deliver a more profound music experience through the lyrics. This idea is what gave life to Lyric speaker, a next generation audio-visual experience.

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is easy to use. All you need to do is connect to Wi-fi and play it on a corresponding app to enjoy high quality audio and vibrant lyrics.

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is the next generation of speakers which displays lyrics in sync with the music. When you choose a song on your mobile phone, the lyrics show up on the translucent screen. If it is a mild song like a ballad, the fonts and movements become soft. If it is an energetic song like rock, they become strong and powerful. Music analysis technologies developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) automatically analyze the song's mood and structure, and the built-in expression engine creates motion graphics to each song that's played. Lyric speaker is the world's first speaker equipped with "Lyric Sync Technology," the technology to automatically visualize the lyrics in a beautiful way.

For the ultimate experience, we believe that lyrics should be enjoyed together with beautiful acoustic sound. For this, a coaxial unit was developed to recreate a full, natural sound as if a musician were singing in your presence. In addition, a high-quality acrylic board is used for the cabinet in order to minimize sympathetic sound and vibration, surrounding you with a rich and organic sound.

High-resolution sound files with maximum 96KHZ/24bit FLAC, WAV sound files can be played with COTODAMA Lyric Speaker player APP on Android™. The recommended operating environment is a smartphone spec of RAM: 3GB, CPU: 2.5Hz Quad Core, OS:4.4 and above, Wi-Fi connection and an execution speed of 10 Mbps and above.

A room-filling panoramic sound is what we want your audio experience to be. In order to create this effect, a clear screen has been used where the lyrics of a song dynamically come to life. The acrylic screen is crystal clear and reader friendly, bringing you an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

Lyric speaker is currently sold in Japan only. We plan to sell it outside of Japan in 2017. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Our mission is to deliver musicians’ messages to more listeners. By using Lyric speaker’s Lyric-in-Motion Technology we help create lyric videos for musicians. This is the start of Lyric Culture Project. Join the project.

A Message from the Developer

A phrase that you hear can at times cleanse your soul of bad thoughts, or give you the strength to move forward. I have personally been helped by music in this way, multiple times. Lyric speaker was developed to enable people to experience the moving power of music.
In a mere 3 minutes, an artist’s feelings are expressed through the lyrics of a song. Their words fill the room and then disappear into space. Spending time listening to songs written by musicians I love through Lyric speaker, I felt as though I was able to understand what they really wanted to say. Now I appreciate their work even more and feel closer to them.


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