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Lyric Speaker Canvas

The speaker that decorates your life with the lyrics like a art in the canvas.

Lyric Speaker

The speaker visualizes lyrics in transparent screen.

10 Awards & selections

World Award-Winning Art and Technology.

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker has received a lot of admiration and rewards.
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Play music from your mobile device and lyrics show up beautifully.

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is easy to use. All you need to do is to connect the speaker to the Wi-Fi and play music on your device. Enjoy the high quality of sound and the lyrics art.
※This is not a bluetooth speaker but a Wi-Fi speaker, which requires an Internet connection.

Bringing Music to Life
with “Lyric Sync Technology”

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is the next generation of speakers which displays lyrics in sync with the music. When you choose a song on your device, the lyrics show up on the translucent screen. If it is a mild song like a ballad, its font and visual effect become soft. If it is an energetic song like rock, its font and visual effect become strong and powerful. Music analysis technologies developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) automatically analyze the song's mood and structure, and the built-in expression engine creates motion graphics to each song that's played. COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is the world's first speaker equipped with "Lyric Sync Technology," the technology to automatically visualize the lyrics in a beautiful way.

Abbey Road Red

Abbey Road Red has been behind some of the world’s most innovative technologies empowering music culture. Red now stands behind COTODAMA as the company moves forward with new experiences and products for their lyric-sync technology.

Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red, said:

“With streaming, music services have been evolving at an astonishing pace. More music is available and more accessible than ever before, but lyrics haven’t kept up. We’ve lost the feeling of running our fingers over release artwork and reading the lyrics while listening, singing along or mouthing the words when we feel like it. The brilliant team at COTODAMA are on a mission to evolve our lyrical experiences. Abbey Road Red explores the world’s most innovative technologies empowering music and culture. We are happy to partner with COTODAMA as the company moves forward with new experiences and products for their lyric visualisation technology.”