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Learn how to setup, use, and request lyrics on COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas.

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1: First

Connect power to Lyric Speaker Canvas and connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi.
Connect the speaker to the Wi-Fi by your smart phone.

Tell me about the operating environment.

A Wi-Fi environment and a compatible terminal are required. Please check compatible terminals here.

I can’t download Lyric app.

Lyric Speaker app is only for Lyric Speaker (LS1) but not for Lyric Speaker Canvas (LS2). To play music or connect to the network, Google Cast or AirPlay are required.

2: Turn the speaker on

Plug in the power outlet and press the power button. After a while, the speaker will start up.

If you cannot turn on the power:

Please make sure that the plug is securely attached to the jack on the bottom of the main unit.

It takes time to start up.

The normal startup will follow the flow as below. If this flow is normal, please wait for a while.

First, when you press the power button, "Initializing" will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. After that, the logo will be displayed in the center of the panel. Then, about 1 minute after "Starting Lyric Speaker ..." displayed, "Please connect your Lyric Speaker to a Wi-Fi network" will appear. After connecting your device to the Wi-Fi, the firmware may need an update. If so, the update will start automatically. Please understand that it may take up to 15 minutes depending on your Wi-Fi's network.

3: Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi

Tap Settings on the home screen and select Wi-Fi item. Select Lyric Speaker from Device and connect to Wi-Fi.

Tap Settings on the home screen and select Wi-Fi item. Select your network and connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is not detected.

Make sure the Wi-Fi router is turned on.

I do not know the password to the Wi-Fi.

・To find the Wi-Fi password, examine the label on your Wi-Fi router or try looking at documentation that came with the router or the Wireless LAN application form.

・Depending on the router the Wi-Fi password may appear as “Encryption Key”, ”KEY”, “WEP Key”, “Security Key”, “Pass Phrase”, “Network Key”, etc.

*For details, read the Wi-Fi router user manual or support page.

4: Connect Lyric Speaker Canvas to Wi-Fi

Tap Settings on the home screen and select Wi-Fi item. Select Lyric Speaker Canvas under Device and press Next in the upper right.

Google Cast(iOS/Android)
Open Google Home app and tap Add. Then tap Set up device and Set up New device. Choose which home you want to connect to. then tap Next. Wait while Looking for device is on display. When Lyric Speaker found appears, tap Yes. You will hear sound playing after Connecting to Lyric Speaker appears. Tap Yes after Did you hear the sound? appears. Then select where your device will be placed and tap Next found on the bottom right. Finally, select your Wi-Fi network and tap Next.

If the Speaker cannot be detected from your smartphone (Initial setting):

There is a possibility that the speaker is not operating normally, or a problem with the setting of your Wi-Fi router. Please check the following points.

・Please make sure the speaker is turned on.
・Restart the speaker and the Wi-Fi router, then try again.
・Restart your smartphone and try again.
・Try to bring the speaker closer to the Wi-Fi router.
・Check the security settings of the Wi-Fi router. There is a possibility that the privacy separator function is setting. For more details, please contact your Wi-Fi router manufacturer.

If you want to connect your device to a new Wi-Fi network:

Please push the reset button which is on the side of the main unit for 5 seconds. "REBOOTING" will be displayed on the panel and the Wi-Fi setting will be reset. After that, the speaker will be connected in standby state and "Please connect your Lyric Speaker to a Wi-Fi network."will be displayed. Afterward, Please set up the Wi-Fi again.

5: If you fail to connect Lyric Speaker Canvas to Wi-Fi

Press and hold the Wi-Fi setting button (Reset button) on the side of Lyric Speaker Canvas and try to connect the speaker to Wi-Fi again.

When the Speaker can be detected from your smartphone, but can’t be connected:

If you see "Please connect your Lyric Speaker to a Wi-Fi network" on the speaker's panel ,but you cannot connect it. If "Failed to connect to Wi-Fi network" or "Can not connect to" (network name) "appears and the connection fails, the Speaker cannot be connected for some reason. To solve the problem, please try the following points.

・Reset the speaker's Wi-Fi settings
Press the reset button on the side of the unit, the speaker will be connected in standby state. Then, re-set the Wi-Fi.

・Restart the Speaker
Long press the power button on the side of the unit (3 to 5 seconds) and turn off the power. Then, press the power button again and set up the Wi-Fi one more time.

* Depending on the specification of your iOS, even if the message "Error occurred while setting" is displayed on it, if there is a message "Connected to" Wi-Fi name "on the Speaker's screen, you may be able to connect. Please check the display on the Speaker.
※ If you cannot solve the problem above, please contact the customer support.

I can’t connect the speaker with the Wi-Fi network available at my office.

With Wi-Fi network in the office, there may be security settings that disable connection with a personal device. For details, please contact the network administrator.

6: Let’s play music

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Then swipe horizontally and tap AirPlay and select Lyric Speaker. Open your favorite music app and play music.

Google Cast(iOS/Android)
Open the music app and find Chrome Cast button and tap it.

Spotify Connect(iOS/Android)
For Spotify Premium users, please select your Lyric Speaker from Connect to a device section.

I want to voice control the Lyric Speaker Canvas with Google Home.

The Lyric Speaker Canvas can also be voice-operated through Google Home.

Please refer to this link for more details:

I want to connect other speakers to the Lyric Speaker Canvas using its AUX OUT.

The Lyric Speaker Canvas can be used with other speakers using AUX OUT (stereo).

To play music from the external speaker, you have to connect an audio cable (3 pole) to a stereo mini plug from the AUX OUT (stereo) terminal of the Lyric Speaker Canvas and plug the cable into an external speaker with a built-in amplifier or an amplifier. The music will be played from both speakers.

The stereo output level is linked to the volume level of the main unit (Canvas).

I want to play a song from a local source.

For Mac/PC users:

  • 1. Open iTunes on Mac/PC.
  • 2. Click on the Airplay logo at the top of iTunes and put a checkmark on the device you want to play the music on.
  • 3. Play music.

For iPhone users:

  • 1. Import the music you want to play from iTunes to your iPhone.
  • 2. Tap on "Music application" and specify the song.
  • 3. Tap on the Airplay logo at the bottom of the screen and specify the device you want to play the music on.
  • 4. Play music.

For Android users:

  • 1. Add the extension "Google Play Music for Chrome" if you are using a Chrome browser, or Download the software "Music Manager" if you are using a browser other than "Chrome".
  • 2. Launch the extension/software and login to your Google Account.
  • 3. If you are using "Google Play Music" for Chrome, click on "Upload a Music" from the menu on the left and upload your music files, or if you are using "Music Manager", select "Upload songs to Google Play" and click on “Next”. You will be asked if you want to automatically upload the music to the selected location (folder). Click on “Yes” if you want to add the music automatically, or click on “No” if you prefer to do it manually. When the procedure is completed, the songs in the location you selected earlier will be uploaded to “Google Play Music” and your music files will be placed in the selected location.

I want to play multiple Wi-Fi speakers simultaneously, including the Lyric Speaker Canvas.

For Mac / PC users:

  • 1. Connect all AirPlay compatible speakers you want to play simultaneously to the same Wi-Fi that you’re using for the Lyric Speaker Canvas.
  • 2. Open iTunes on Mac / PC.
  • 3. Click on the Airplay logo at the top of iTunes and put a checkmark on the device you want to play the music on.
  • 4. Play music.

For Smartphone users:

You can use Chromecast compatible speakers at the same time as you are using the Lyric Speaker Canvas.

*We can’t guarantee that all Chromecast compatible speakers can be played simultaneously with the Lyric Speaker Canvas.
  • 1. Connect all the Chromecast compatible speakers you want to use simultaneously to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • 2. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  • 3. Press the "Add" button and press "Create Speaker Group".
  • 4. Select the device and create a speaker group.
  • 5. Select the speaker group you created from the music service you use.
    Please refer to this link for more details:

How to use Spotify Connect?

You can use Spotify Connect to listen to music on the smartphone, tablet, and PC. To do so you need the spotify app on your device and to become a premium member.
How to use:

1. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC with the same Wi-Fi network via the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker app.
2. Open the Spotify app.
3. With a smartphone and tablet, click on “Devices Available” link at the bottom of the app page. Then on the next app page, select COTODAMA Lyric Speaker. Finally, play the song. On your PC, click on the speaker link icon at the bottom of the application. Then on the pop up menu, select COTODAMA Lyric Speaker. Finally, play the song.

How can I play music on other people’s smartphone devices?

In order to use a new smartphone device, make sure to connect it with the same Wi-Fi network as the speaker. New settings are not required.

The AirPlay button doesn’t appear.

Verify that the smartphone and speaker are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
※AirPlay is an iOS devices’ function. It cannot be used on Android.

I can’t play music even when connected or after connecting the speaker to a Wi-Fi network.

Music will not play if the speaker and smartphone are connected to different Wi-Fi networks. Please check the following.

・Verify that the Wi-Fi network names (SSID) that appear on both the speaker and smartphone are the same.
・In case they are different, either reconnect the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as the speaker or reset.

The music stops, pauses or cracks.

If the music stops or the lyrics do not display correctly, the following is possible: a weak Wi-Fi signal, interference, the distance between the speaker and Wi-Fi is too far, etc. Please check the following.

・Move the speaker closer to the Wi-Fi router.
・The connection may be weakened due to microwave ovens, Bluetooth and digital cordless devices. In this case, either separate these devices from both the speaker and Wi-Fi router or turn them off.

Lyrics are not in sync with the music.

There may be a discrepancy depending on the lyric distribution service or a compatibility issue between the application and music data. We do not support live versions and remixes.

The lyrics do not show up.

Lyric data of approximately 2 million songs are provided by SyncPower Corporation among which some are incompatible. Lyrics can be requested through the app. For details, read under the item “request”. In some cases, lyrics of famous songs are not available.
※ i.e. Personally sourced music, live version, remix version, etc.

7: Request the lyrics

You can request the lyrics of the song from the Lyric Speaker app. You can request from here too.

Other Information / Warranty

Please tell me about software updates.

Software updates occur automatically when the speaker is turned on. It can take approximately 15 minutes depending on Wi-Fi connection speed. While updating, do not turn the speaker off.

Where can I find the serial number?

It can be found on the bottom, right corner of the speaker.

What warranty support am I eligible for?

COTODAMA Inc.("COTODAMA") warrants COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas("Product") against defects as follows: For a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, if the Product is determined to be defective, COTODAMA will repair or replace the Product. Please see the Warranty in details.