A new technology to maximize the song’s appeal.

COTODAMA is a music technology company offering lyric sync technology, a technology that show up lyrics in a beautiful way. In addition to our own product COTODAMA Lyric Speaker, we are also offering a software technology to the 3rd party.

From DJ tool to Lyric Video Generator

We hope music listeners to realize the charm of lyrics in all places where music is available. With that philosophy, COTODAMA develops lyrics visualization technology to various fields. We will pursue the potential of lyrics, including live performances, live effects, and a DJ tool called rekordbox lyric that is jointly developed with Pioneer DJ.

From world award winning creators

Jin Saito CEO

He believes in power of the music, so he started to create COTODAMA Lyric Speaker. He works for the live concert using lyric technology based on COTODAMA Lyric Speaker. Also as a creative director, he has directed many music/tech works such as music video of OK Go’s “Obsession” and robot band, which plays Squarepusher's song.
His productions have been recognized with many awards including Cannes Lions.

Saqoosha Technical director

Saqoosha is known as the programmer with a bear hat.
He works in the front end development of the creative process across multiple platforms by using a vast variety of software/ hardware skillsets and has created many high-tech outputs including installation and music videos. He is the Chief Technical Director of COTODAMA Lyric Speaker and also in charge of design and developing of the core element 'Lyric Sync Technology'. He has been recognized with many awards including Cannes Lions, The Webby Awards, D&AD, SXSW and as a jury in several awards.
Besides COTODAMA Lyric Speaker, he runs multiple roles such as dot by dot Founder/CTO, BASSDRUM CTO, professional drone racer

COTODAMA means "soul of words" in Japan. The word itself has a soul and it has the power to change everything. If you listen to positive, vibrant words, your life becomes positive, too. We named our brand based on this thought and hope listeners experience the soul of COTODAMA's lyrical power.