Please read the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Which devices are compatible with COTODAMA Lyric Speaker?
Please see here.
What is the environment necessary for COTODAMA Lyric Speaker to work?
Wi-Fi and any smartphone device mentioned above.
Can COTODAMA Lyric Speaker be used outside of the country where I bought it?
You can use our speaker only in the the country you bought it.
If I use this product in my restaurant, would I be charged with a copyright fee?
It depends on the country. In Japan, the answer is yes. This service is designed for personal and non-commercial use. An audiovisual rights license is required if Lyric Speaker is used in a commercial facility or restaurant. Please consult a copyright managing firm of your country.
Can COTODAMA Lyric Speaker display all songs’ lyrics?
COTODAMA Lyric Speaker can’t display the songs which are not registered in the lyric database. Over 2 million songs including asynchronous lyrics are registered.
※ In the case of an asynchronous lyric lacking time information, the lyrics will simply scroll.
If the lyrics do not exist in the database, will anything appear on the screen?
No. A graphic image of the beat will appear. View “XTAL/ SKYGAZER” on the top page of this website as reference.
What is a Request Service?
COTODAMA Lyric Speaker obtains lyric data from SyncPower Corporation, a lyric distribution company with a database of over 2 million songs and their lyrics. Lyrics that do not exist in this database will not appear on Lyric Speaker. In such cases, you can request lyrics through the website and we will do our best to develop and provide the lyric data for you.
In which languages can the lyrics be displayed?
Currently in Japanese and English only.
Can the lyrics be translated?
The product does not include a translating system.
Apart from Wi-Fi, can COTODAMA Lyric Speaker be connected to a wired network or Bluetooth?
No. This product is a wireless speaker that can only be used with Wi-Fi.
Does COTODAMA Lyric Speaker only run on specific apps?
Yes. Lyric Speaker only runs on the apps mentioned here.
Can this product be used to display other graphics?
COTODAMA Lyric Speaker can only display a song’s lyrics.
Is the customer support in English?
Yes. The customer support via email and telephone are all in English. Please contact us here.