There are words that encourage you
to overcome adversity

There are words that make you
aware of what is important

Send the words for special person

We have prepared a gift wrapping service
to give wonderful words

8.00USD / per unit

*This service is only available in USA / Canada.

Frequently Asked

How (in what packaging conditions) do you send the goods?
We do not enclose gift-wrapping materials for you, but wrap the goods by ourselves. We will deliver the goods in a wrapped state. The goods is packed in a special gift-wrapping box, which is then covered with bubble wrap. Delivery company’s slip will be attached on the bubble wrap.
Do you enclose any material with price information?
Unless otherwise requested, we do not enclose our own document like an invoice. Any material that suggests price will not be enclosed. The same applies when you select gift wrapping. Please be assured that no price tag is attached on the goods.
In what manner will the waybill be described?
Our company name, COTODAMA inc., will appear in the Sender field on the waybill of a delivery company. If the orderer and the receiver are different, the name of orderer appears in the remarks field.
Will the delivery date delay if I request gift wrapping?
We may take an additional day or so from the prescribed shipping date if crowded. Your kind understanding would be appreciated.
Do you have any additional services, such as attaching a message card, a noshi special ornament, engraved mark, etc.?
No, unfortunately, we do not provide such an extra service.